Dell Venue 8 (2014) Review

Performance: Battery Life & Camera

Oddly, Dell is not publishing battery life estimates for the new Venue 8. We do know that it's equipped with a sizable 4550mAh battert, and having Merrifield within should help it when it comes to exhaustion rate. Below, you'll see our real world test, which involves a number of social apps pinging every 15 minutes for updates, a fair amount of content viewing and Web browsing, and a few hours of gaming.

The 5MP rear camera is a nice addition given the price point here, but it's clear from both Dell's documentation on the product page as well as from actual output that it's not here to break any records.  

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It's a fair camera, but the colors are fairly washed-out, there's notable lag between pressing the onscreen shutter button and it actually capturing an image, and there are limited options for tweaking things on the device itself. Nevertheless, we've included a few unedited samples below so you can judge for yourself.

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