Dell Venue 8 (2014) Review

Performance: CPU & Web Browsing

Thanks to cross-platform benchmarks, we can compare Android, iOS, and Windows tablets in several performance categories. 

General Compute, Javascript & Web Browsing Performance
General Purpose Workloads

The Android-based Dell Venue 8 handled itself just fine in the Linpack test. We saw modest gains over the prior Venue 8, while it held its own against a few slates from the last 12 to 16 months that were priced much higher at launch. Said another way, this is a fairly impressive showing for what most would consider a "budget" tablet.

We kicked off the SunSpider tests by running SunSpider 0.9.1 on the new Venue 8 tablet. We have plenty of data to compare the tablets to, and you can see that the Venue 8 didn't impress here. In our real-world use, we noticed a particular hamstring being the browsing experience. Regardless of whether we used Firefox, Chrome, or Android's inbuilt browser, we saw more lag when trying to surf the Web than with other tasks. 

Next, we put our Venue tablet through the Rightware BrowserMark test, and the Venue 8 landed about where we expected it to, providing reasonable gains from last year, but landing behind the iOS-based tablets. Let’s take a look at how the tablets handled our graphics benchmarks

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