Dell Venue 10 7000 2-in-1 Review: Brains And Beauty

Design and Build Quality

As I noted when reviewing Dell's Inspiron 13 7000 Special Edition, a 2-in-1 notebook convertible, there's a lot to like about the company's new design direction. Since going private, everything that we've seen emerge from Dell's lab looks sharper, cleaner, and more progressive. The Venue 10 7000 is no exception. It's a sharp-dressed slate from end to end, and it hits the sweet spot on a lot of levels.

venue 10 7000 handson 8328

At just 0.24-inches thick and weighing just over a pound, it's hefty enough that you won't mistake it for a toy. It isn't the lightest nor the smallest around, but it looks fantastic and fits the part of being a premium product. The dark, matte exterior is classy, and I feel that it'd mesh well in either a corporate environment or someone's personal arsenal. The 10.5-inch form factor means that this is amongst the largest Android slates on the market, and indeed, it takes some getting used to when using it without the optional attachable keyboard.

venue 10 7000 handson 8333

One-handed usage is impractical, though extended two-hand use is acceptable. Clearly, this one's best appreciated when paired with the $129 keyboard attachment, which doubles as a case and adds a lot of stability and functionality. Overall, I preferred to use the tablet with the keyboard attached. For those looking to buy a slate to use primarily without a keyboard, a 7-inch or 8-inch offerings probably makes more sense.

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Design-wise, Dell has cooked up a unique edge. The company describes it as a "barrel edge," which not only acts as a magnetic link for the keyboard, but also as an easy-to-grab element that most slates lack. In fact, handling is a constant problem with 10-inch (or larger) tablets, which makes the barrel that much more appreciated here.

venue 10 7000 handson 8301

Particularly when using the product to read websites or e-books, having a rounded barrel to grab onto made one-handed portrait use entirely feasible. This edge also creates added room for MaxxAudio speakers, which certainly sound better than speakers found in rival tablets.

venue 10 7000 handson 8315

The 10.5-inch OLED touch panel is truly stunning. Dell's penchant for display quality shouldn't come as a surprise, as I found the Full HD screen on last year's Venue 8 impressive as well. The Venue 10 7000 ships with an OLED display with a 2560x1600 native resolution, which puts it at the head of the class. It's truly awe-inspiring to look at, with incredible viewing angles, pin-sharp resolution, vivid colors, and instant touch response. Said another way, it's a screen that would be expected on a high-end ultraportable laptop.

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