Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop, A HotHardware Video Spotlight

Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop, A HotHardware Video Spotlight

Synopsis:  With an Intel Core 2 Duo low power dual-core processor under its hood, this machine is capable in many mainstream user applications and could make for a decent Home Theater PC.  Aficionados may scoff at the system's integrated Intel X3100 graphics, which does not provide full offload processing for HD video.  However, the Studio Hybrid has more than enough power to playback full 1080p resolution content with its Core 2 Duo dual core processor, standard 160GB hard drive and DDR2-667 system memory.  As a minimalistic business-class machine, family computer or college-bound bookshelf computer, the Studio Hybrid has all the basic features of a full sized system, in a sleek, stylish, eco-friendly footprint.




Of course we took a video of the entire disassembly process, which was an absolute piece of cake. Three screws and you're in, which definitely makes for easy upgrades on things like system memory, hard drives and possibly a processor, with the right BIOS support.

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