Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet Review

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Performance Testing - Graphics

In addition to the CPU and web tests on the previous page, we also ran a few graphics benchmarks. Just like the benchmarks from the previous page, the graphics benchmarks are all available for free on the Android market.

Benchmarking The Dell Streak 7 - Graphics
1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 (T20) Dual-Core Performance

The Streak's Tegra 2 processor has some serious graphics power, as you might expect from an NVIDIA product. However, Samsung's Hummingbird is no slouch either. The Hummingbird has made a bit of a name for itself for its excellent graphics capability and it shows in this benchmark, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab edging out the Streak 7. It's interesting to see that the Tegra 2 powered Viewsonic gTablet performed significantly worse than the Streak 7, despite having similar hardware. This is likely the result of software differences between the tablets.

Neocore is a graphics benchmark and tech demo developed by Qualcomm to show off its Adreno 130 graphics processor. This is a native OpenGL benchmark that uses OpenGL ES 1.0. The Streak 7 performs very well here and claims the top spot. Unfortunately, we do not have Neocore benchmark results for the Samsung Galaxy Tab at this time (our Tab had to head back to Samsung unfortunately) but we've seen scores in the mid 50s as well on the device.

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