Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet Review

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Performance Testing - CPU & Web

We put the Dell Streak 7 through its paces using a few of the more popular Android benchmarks. All of the tests we use can be found for free on the Android Market. The tests were run with the Streak 7 un-rooted and in a like-stock condition.

Benchmarking The Dell Streak 7 - CPU and Web
1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 (T20) Dual-Core Performance

Linpack is a popular CPU benchmark which tests floating point performance. It involves solving a complex system of linear equations and the results are presented in units of MFLOPS. The benchmark runs at the Java layer and is greatly dependent on the Java virtual machine implementation (ie. the Android Dalvik VM). The Dalvik VM is not multi-core capable in Froyo and the Streak 7 isn't able to realize its dual-core advantage as a result. Despite this, the Streak 7 still manages an impressive showing, beating out the rest of the pack to come out on top.

BenchmarkPi is one of several benchmarks available on Android based around the calculation of Pi. This benchmark is a better indicator of raw CPU calculation power. We can see from our results that it also takes advantage of multi-core processors. The Dell Streak 7 and Viewsonic gTablet have a significant lead over the rest of the pack thanks to their usage of the NVIDIA Tegra T20 processor. The Dell Streak 7 managed to edge out the Viewsonic gTablet, but overall their results are very similar, as you would expect given the hardware similarities.

SunSpider is a JavaScript benchmark which tests a web browser's JavaScript performance. This test is not necessarily a good indicator of overall browser performance as it only tests the browser's JavaScript implementation. However, the overall speed of the device does effect the results. SunSpider is also OS agnostic and will run on any browser which supports JavaScript, allowing us to directly compare Android and iOS browser implementations.  We can see that the Streak 7 significantly outperforms the rest of the pack, averaging just under 4 seconds to run the full test. For some perspective, the desktop FireFox browser on a Windows 7 machine with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i3 processor completes the SunSpider test in about 1000 milliseconds, or 1 second.

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