Dell S2330MX Ultra-Slim Monitor

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Performance Summary: In terms of picture quality and performance, we weren't blown away by the S2330MX, but it wasn't too pokey either. We found the S2330MX to perform slightly above average for a TN display, with the LED backlight providing plenty of brightness and decent black level performance. We did notice some streaking issues in DisplayMate, and that manifested itself during our game tests as well. Pictures and movies were well lit and colorful, but didn't pop with sharp detail or lush tones. We also have to point out the somewhat strict viewing angle. Even when sitting directly in front of the S2330MX, there's some picture degradation on the sides.




Dell's S2330MX is first and foremost an ultra-slim display hoping to get by on its good looks. If evaluated on aesthetics alone, it succeeds in being impressive. You won't find many panels this thin, and the small protrusion in the back where the input connectors sit don't detract from the overall slim design, which is even thinner than some smartphones and tablets. That's impressive. It's also lightweight, which makes it less stable than heavier monitors, but you're not going to knock it down with a violent sneeze.

So the S2330MX is a slim display. It's also attractive. It's not, however, a professional grade panel suitable for serious photography, nor is it a display that's going to knock your socks off in any single area. Instead, the S2330MX is a better than average TN monitor with a bright LED backlight and enough moxy to satisfy a mainstream audience looking to score a sexy display for day-to-day computing. At $250 MSRP, it's not going to put you in financial ruin either and is a relatively good buy, considering the standout features it offers.



  • Slim and sexy design that's thinner than some mobile devices
  • Bright LED backlight
  • 82 percent color gamut
  • Easily navigable OSD
  • Price
  • Touch-sensitive can be, well, touchy
  • No height or pivolt options
  • No DisplayPort or HDMI
  • Colors don't pop
  • Somewhat strict viewing angle
  • Mild streaking

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