Dell S2330MX Ultra-Slim Monitor

Subjective Analysis

While DisplayMate lays out a monitor's performance in black and white (and blue and green and red and...), we also take into consideration a subjective analysis. After all, you're not purchasing a monitor to view test patterns for hours on end. To see how the E2243FWK performs in the real world, we viewed a series of high definition movies and fired up a few games and movies. Torturous, we know, but hey, you guys are worth every minute of our entertainment.

Subjective Tests
HD Movie Playback and Gaming 

Cowboys and Aliens @ 1080P

Watching a movie on a 23-inch panel isn't quite the same as firing up a Blu-ray on a large screen TV, but the S2330MX provides enough real estate that you can get away with watching flicks on your PC. In our real world tests, video clips were well lit, but not super crisp. It also suffered when scenes turned dark.

Dirt 2

Dell rates the S2330MX as having a 2ms response, and on paper, that sounds impressive, In practice, we noticed a bit of streaking from time to time. It wasn't overly distracting, but if you're looking for it, you'll find it. Otherwise, the S2330MX handled our game tests without issue.

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