Dell Latitude E6430S Business Grade Laptop

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Performance Summary and Rating

Performance Summary. The Dell Latitude E6430S’ Core i5-3360M CPU with Intel HD 4000 series graphics makes for a solid performance foundation, and the inclusion of an SSD only helps. Our test model could have used more storage space, but the options for adding capacity are there when you configure your own system. The display is bright and sharp, and the system’s battery life is strong, especially with the extended battery.

The E6430S also gets points for its sturdiness: it feels tougher than an ordinary laptop. Unfortunately, it also feels heavier. It’s not heavy enough for you to really notice a difference (between it and a lighter laptop) in your shoulder bag, but you will notice it when you lift the laptop to adjust it or carry it somewhere.

As hot as ultrabooks are these days, business class laptops are still the best way for many of us to get through the workday. And the Dell Latitude E6430S is a well-rounded business laptop. It can handle the rigors of travel and the bumps and scrapes that come with being carried around the office. Of course, performance is crucial, and the laptop has the performance you'd expect at its sub-$1000 price point. We also like that Dell offers so many options for this laptop - it's very easy to tweak the configuration to your needs when ordering one. The E6430S is worth a look.

  • Bright display
  • Excellent touchpad
  • Sturdy, handsome design
  • Solid performance and battery life
  • Hefty, thanks to the metal case
  • Extended battery option makes the laptop bulky
  • Lid doesn't lock

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