Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Pro Tablet Review

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Dell doesn’t include a lot of preloaded apps with the Latitude 10, and we really appreciate this. You’ll find Dell’s Getting Started guide and Backup and Recovery apps on the tablet. That’s it. Since we’re not fans of preinstalled software, we give Dell a lot of credit for leaving the Latitude 10 alone and letting users decide which apps they want to install.


The system has a 64GB Solid State Drive. Although Windows takes up a decent chunk of this hard drive, there’s still 39.3GB of free space out of the box. If the onboard storage isn’t enough to meet your needs, you can easily pop in a full-size SD card or a USB flash drive for added space.

The native screen resolution on the Latitude 10 is 1,366 x 768. Overall, the screen is colorful and vibrant and viewing angles are excellent but there were times where we wished the screen supported a higher resolution.


If you take a look at the Windows Experience Index, you will see the Latitude 10 earns a score of 3.3. Keep in mind the Latitude 10 isn't designed to be a powerhouse system. Instead, it's designed to be a very portable and affordable Windows 8 tablet that offers some additional functionality with the use of the optional dock, peripherals, and swappable battery.


Dell's Backup and Recovery tool comes loaded on the Latitude 10. AT&T's AllAccess app can help you find a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot.

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