Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Review - Affordable, Upgradeable

Dell's Software

Most PC makers still slip a few programs onto outgoing systems, including Dell. Still, it keeps the list of software on the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 mercifully short. Aside from McAfee LiveSafe, most of the programs are Dell’s own utilities.

desktop dell inspiron 15 7559

The Inspiron 15 7559 arrives with the typical, unobtrusive Microsoft Office 365 installation. You can ignore the software, trial it, or buy the full version from the program’s interface. Dell also has a Dropbox offer that lets you add 20GB of free storage to your new or existing Dropbox account. You’ll need to pay for that storage or drop it after a year, but it’s not a bad perk.

mcafee dell inspiron 15 7559

The Dell Help and Support program is another nice touch. It displays your service tag and express service code for support calls and it has tools for downloading drivers. The program also has your warranty information, once you register the laptop. Thanks to those features and some included maintenance articles, Dell Help & Support is one of the more useful pre-installed programs we’ve seen.

dellsupportapp dell inspiron 15 7559

McAfee LiveSafe is installed and ready to go when you start up the system for the first time. As on most laptops, your subscription to McAfee LiveSafe is a 30-day trial. If you prefer the security features built into Windows (or a different security software), you should be able to uninstall McAfee easily enough. We were able to remove LiveSafe without a hitch.

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