CyberPower Gamer Extreme 3000 Core i7 860 System

Introduction and Specifications


The enthusiast scene is filled with consumers with do-it-yourself attitudes who regularly build their own systems from scratch. In fact, some feel that part of the fun associated with a new build is comparing prices online and asking for advice on tech forums in order to configure the ideal system. Although there are obvious benefits of going this route, there are those who may not have the time to find the lowest prices on each individual component or inclination to assemble a rig unassisted. While an abundance of options are available for consumers who prefer a pre-built system, they usually come with a few compromises. These compromises consist of the use lower quality components to fill out the system, which might hinder future upgrades, while others charge a substantial premium for putting together custom built rigs.     

CyberPowerPC, located in Baldwin Park, CA, aims to eliminate the trade offs associated with customized system builds by providing the latest technology at affordable prices. In addition, they provide the technical support needed by those who aspire to own cutting edge technology but may not have the opportunity to keep up with it. Today we have a brand new gaming system built by CyberPowerPC, called the Gamer Extreme 3000. This P55 based system promises to provide high-end performance at a mainstream price. Since we're just getting our feet wet with the new platform, it will be interesting to see how this rig stacks up against some of the latest systems we've reviewed. Read on to find out if this extreme gaming system lives up to its name.

 CyberPower Gamer Extreme 3000
 System Specifications

Intel Core i7 860 2.80GHz 8MB cache


Asus P7P55D Deluxe LGA 1156 Intel P55 Motherboard

Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition SP1

Kingston HyperX 4GB (2x2GB DIMMs)
DDR3-1600MHz 9-9-9-24 1T

Graphics Cards

EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1792MB DDR3

CPU Cooling

Cooler Master V8 120mm


Onboard (VIA VT2020 10-channel HD CODEC)

Hard Drive
Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB 7200.11 HDD

Optical Drive
Samsung 22x DVD+/-RW SATA Drive

Flash Card Reader
12-in-1 Internal Card Reader

AZZA Solano 1000 Full Tower Case

Power Supply
Corsair 650W 80Plus PSU

Available Expansion Slots
2 PCIe (x8, x4) slots, 1 PCIe x1 slot, and 2 PCI slots

Front Panel I/O Ports

3 USB 2.0
1 Headset
1 Mic

Rear Panel I/O Ports
1 PS/2 mouse
1 PS/2 keyboard
8 USB 2.0
1 IEEE 1394A
10-channel audio I/O
Digital audio (1 coax-out and 1 optical-out)

Bundled/Installed Software

Ulead Burn.Now 4.5 SE

Warranty and Support

3 year warranty ("limited" parts, plus labor)

$1,599.00 USD (as tested)

CyberPower's Gamer Extreme 3000 is powered by Intel's Core i7 860 processor running at 2.8GHz and built on Asus' P7P55D Deluxe motherboard. The 860 sits between Intel's 750 and 870 socket 1156 processors in speed and pricing, while the P7P55D Deluxe is more on the high end of Asus' P55 lineup. To keep the 860's temperature in check, Cooler Master's massive V8 CPU heatsink is included. Also, CyberPower installed 4GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3 memory set to 1600MHz and CAS 9 latency settings. Graphics workload is handled by an EVGA GTX 295 dual GPU videocard which should handle any current game at maximum settings without breaking a sweat. Finally, there's plenty of storage available as we found a 1.5TB Seagate HDD within the system's drive cage.

The Warranty:
Warranty is an important selling point when it comes to custom built systems, especially for owners who don't have the time to troubleshoot if a problem arises. CyberPowerPC provides a three year labor / one year parts warranty for all desktop systems they build, which starts on the date of invoice. The warranty covers defective parts, workmanship, or any damage occurred during shipping. However, many components used are also covered by manufacturer warranty and repairs can be facilitated through CyberPower as well. Furthermore, a 30 day money back guarantee is granted for systems returned in good condition. Unfortunately, shipping and handling charges are not refundable. More warranty details are available

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