Corsair 30GB Accelerator: Cuts Price, Not Performance

PCMark 7 Performance

PCMark 7
PCMark 7 is the next stop on our trip. We ran the application's storage benchmark, which gives an overall figure, but also broke down some of the specific results in order to examine where the benefits are (or aren't).

In this case, we've got comparative numbers for an OCZ Vertex 3 256GB running the same workload. Again, the 30GB and 60GB drives are neck and neck, with the 60GB eking out a small advantage. The Vertex remains the fastest solution, as we'd expect.

Here's the results broken down by workload.

Individual test results show considerably more variation than the monolithic Storage test. The gap between the two drives is ~19% in the Launching Applications and Import Photos suites, but nonexistent in Video Editing, Adding Music, and Windows Defender subtests. Both Cache Accelerators remain considerably faster than the stand-alone HDD. The OCZ Vertex 3 takes top honors, but is substantially more expensive than either of the two cache drives.

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