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Performance @ Highest Stable Clock Speed (Continued)

We also re-ran the PCMark04 Memory performance and low-res Doom 3 benchmarks again with the Corsair TWINXP1024-3200XL memory modules overclocked to DDR482 (2.5-3-3-10) on our AMD Athlon 64 4000+ powered testbed...

Overclocked Performance with PCMark04
Overall Memory Score

Performance in PCMark04 jumped by over 500 points with the XMS Xpert sticks clocked at DDR482 speeds.  An approximate increase in performance of 9.1%.

In-Game Performance while Overclocked
System Memory Affects Frame rates?  You Betcha!

The higher clock speeds also increased performance in our custom Doom 3 test.  Here, the Corsair XMS Xpert RAM broke the 170 FPS mark. The 11.7 frames per second increase in framerate equated to roughly a 7.2% performance boost.

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