Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 And Strafe RGB MK.2 Gaming Keyboards Review: Killer Decks

Corsair's K70 RGB MK.2 And Strafe RGB MK.2 Bring The Boom

Corsair's line-ups of K70 and Strafe mechanical gaming keyboards have been on the market now for quite some time. The Strafe is a more streamlined speedster for performance freaks and the K70 a more full-featured deck with ultra-premium build quality. We recently looked at Corsair's K70 Lux RGB in a 5-way round-up and the board walked away with our Editor's Choice award. Today, fresh off its Computex 2018 unveil, Corsair returns to our lab with buffed-up and decked-out versions of the K70 and Strafe, both sporting some disco RGB goodness, but now in their MK.2 (pronounced Mark 2) incarnations, with new features, the same killer build quality, and a bit more bling. Corsair set the bar with the K70 Lux, so we have high expectations with these new Corsair offerings. Let's take a look...  

 Corsair K70 RGB MK2 and Strafe RGB MK2 Keyboards

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 and Strafe RGB MK.2 offer just about any major feature you could want in a mechanical keyboard. From N-key Rollover (NKRO) for flawless registration of any combination of multiple key switches you can mash, to USB pass-through, fully customizable individual RGB key backlighting, and top-notch Cherry MX mechanical key switch technology.

Corsair also added a new media key layout to the new MK.2 series but let's take you on a quick guided video tour, before we drop in for a closer look...  

Corsair K70 RGB And Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards
Specifications & Features

corsaid k70 strafe mk2 specs
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 - $159.99 - $169.99
Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 - $139.99

Corsair's K70 RGB MK.2 seems to have a deceivingly large footprint, though its dimensions say otherwise and it's actually slightly smaller than the Strafe RGB MK.2, when both have their wrist rests removed. The K70's wrist rest is a bit larger with more surface area, but both are equally adorned with a soft touch plastic that has an almost rubberized feel to it. The Strafe RGB MK.2 is a slightly heavier keyboard in weight, though it's comprised of more plastic in the typing deck area, trimmed with brushed aluminum, while the K70 RGB MK.2 sports an all brushed aluminum deck that set off its key caps nicely.  

Corsair K70 RGB MK2 keyboard
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Corsair Strafe MK2 Keyboard
Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2

Both the K70 RGB MK.2 and the Strafe are very high quality keyboards with excellent build quality, a premium feel and a dense, almost indestructible weight to them. There is zero flex in any area of these keyboards and they both look fantastic with flat, black contoured key caps and a knurled surfaces on their space bars. Everything about these two Corsair keyboards screams quality, though there are some subtle and not-so-subtle difference that gamers, enthusiasts, and workstation professionals will want to take note of.

Corsair MK2 bundle
The Uncommon Corsair Keyboard Bundle

What's common to both the K70 RGB MK.2 and the Strafe RGB MK.2 are their bundles, which include a key puller tool and a set of FPS and MOBA gray key cap replacements, so gamers can designate their preferred load-out for shooters or the battle arena. 

Let's talk about feel, functionality, key switches and software next...

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