Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620W PSU

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Performance Summary: Anytime a company with a reputation such as Corsair gives a 5 year warranty on a product, you suspect that the hardware will perform admirably and without issue. Fortunately, we were not disappointed with Corsair's first entry in the power supply market. The CMPSU-620HX proved to be as solid as a rock despite our best attempts to crack it and let the magic smoke out. In testing, we witnessed voltages that remain nearly perfectly stable regardless of the load we threw at the unit. Although we initially had wished that Corsair had provided potentiometers to adjust voltages, the stellar performance of the unit seems to make that feature largely unnecessary. And more impressively than the performance was the lack of noise coming from the unit. Here, the specific ADDA 120mm fan which Corsair has chosen is certainly doing an excellent job of keeping components cool without adding any noise pollution to the environment. When you're trying to find a high performance system to place in the living room as a media server, these are minor details which cannot be overlooked.

In nearly every respect, Corsair has done an excellent job with the CMPSU-620HX power supply. The unit features three 12V rails, a unique modular cable design, industrial grade components, it boasts an 80%+ efficiency rating, and is exceptionally quiet. One look at the specifications or into the innards of the unit itself and it is quickly evident that a considerable amount of time and thought went into the design of this hardware. Small details such as the rubber grommets for mounting the ADDA fan to the chassis and the 105oC rated capacitors show that this was not a model which was thrown together by Corsair for the sake of releasing a power supply. In hindsight, it is hard to believe that this series represents the company's first entry into the power supply market. However, looking at Corsair's track record of products over the course of the last several years it should be no surprise to see we are dealing with a high-quality piece of hardware. Based upon the performance, low noise, $169 price tag, and impressive 5 year warranty we are awarding the Corsair CMPSU-620HX a 9.5 on the Heat Meter and giving it a rare Editor's Choice Award.

.  Stable and powerful
.  Fair street price
.  Active PFC & High efficiency
.  Quiet 120mm fan
.  Modular Cable Design
.  5-year warranty
.  Voltage Adjustment Pots would have been nice
.  "Only" 620W

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