Corsair CMPSU-620HX 620W PSU

Exterior & Interior Impressions


Keeping with the tradition of using high quality packaging for all their components, Corsair has seen fit to ship the CMPPSU-620HX in a solid and aesthetically pleasing cardboard container. The package contains a surprising amount of information including the appropriate technical specs boasting of the unit's abilities.


Opening the package reveals a clean and orderly orientation of hardware and packing materials. Here, the unit itself rests in a protective foam covering which will keep the PSU safe in transit. Rounding out the additional materials in the box are a standard power cable, necessary screws, and a vinyl bag containing a wealth of modular power cables of varying shapes and sizes.


The exterior of the unit comes in a somewhat industrial yet stealthy black matte finish. As one can clearly see in the image above, the rear of the unit consists of a very well ventilated honeycomb grille to further aid in cooling.


One of the most unique aspects of the Corsair PSU compared with traditional designs is the presence of a modular cable design. Here, the standard power connectors retain the usual hard-wired connection to the power supply itself. However, all other power cables feature a modular connector to allow the user to pick and choose which cables will be necessary and avoid the clutter of having an endless collection of cables which aren't being used. As we see in the images above, Corsair bundles more than enough cables than anyone could ever wish to use in a single system.


At the base of the power supply we find an increasingly-standard 120mm fan. Fortunately, Corsair has not blindly specified a generic 120mm fan. Rather, the company has opted to choose the ADDA AD1212HB-A71GL model which features a dual ball-bearing design and pushes an impressive amount of air while maintaining extremely low noise levels. To further ensure noise is kept at a minimum, Corsair also utilizes four rubber grommets where the fan connects to the unit to remove any unwelcome noise due to vibrations.


Opening the lid to the XMPSU-HX620 we find a surprisingly clean layout to the PCB and components. Here, there are two rather robust black finned aluminum heatsinks spanning the entire length of the unit. Combined with the 120mm fan, temperatures should remain well under dangerous levels for most power supplies. However, Corsair has gone one step further and specifically chosen industrial grade components including the large blue 470uF capacitor which is rated up to 105oC. At every angle, the position and spacing between components never fails to impress showing a considerable amount of time went into the design and layout of this model. Looking at the units rated specifications, we see the efforts of Corsair's engineers were not made in vain.

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