Intel Core i5-3427U: Ivy Bridge For Ultrabooks

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DX11 Gaming Benchmark: 3DMark 11

FutureMark 3DMark 11
Synthetic DX11 Gaming Benchmark

The latest version of Futuremark's synthetic 3D gaming benchmark, 3DMark11, is specifically bound to Windows Vista and 7-based systems because it uses the advanced visual technologies that are only available with DirectX 11, which isn't available on previous versions of Windows. 3DMark11 isn't simply a port of 3DMark Vantage to DirectX 11, though. With this latest version of the benchmark, Futuremark has incorporated four new graphics tests, a physics tests, and a new combined test. We tested the new Ivy Bridge-based Ultrabook with 3DMark11's Performance preset option.


In 3DMark 11 Intel's now DX11 capable chip can finally render the workloads required for each sub-test, something that Intel integrated graphics haven't been able to handle until now.  Here the new low power Ivy Bridge-based Core i5-3427U and Intel's prototype 3rd generation Ultrabook are able to just edge-out a previous generation Sandy Bridge-based machine with discrete AMD Radeon graphics.  It's not a benchmark busting score by any stretch, but even the ultra low voltage version of Ivy Bridge has a little bit of game on board.

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