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Evaluation Summary: The Cooler Master COSMOS S excels in a number of key areas.  First off, there is simply so much room within this chassis that installing virtually any hardware combo will not be an issue.  The open accommodations also make it easy to work within the case, which is another plus.  The layout of the I/O ports is also very good, the cooling fans are quiet and perform well, and mounting drives is quick and easy too.  The only areas that could use some improvement are related to the push-button optical drive locking mechanisms, which could be tighter, and the power button, which is overly sensitive.

At about $250, the Cooler Master COSMOS S is not an inexpensive proposition.  That's a lot of coin to spend on a PC chassis that doesn't include a power supply.  But given this case's innovative features, good looks, and spacious interior, we can't help but like it.  Having built countless systems over the years, in numerous different enclosures, we're comfortable saying the COSMOS S is one of the best we have ever worked with.  Is it perfect?  No.  But we have yet to encounter the perfect PC chassis.  But the Cooler Master COSMOS S does come very close.  We're sure some of you will be put off by this case's aggressive looks, but we like it.

If you're in the market for a high-end full tower case, do yourself a favor and look into the COSMOS S.  It is not the least expensive case available, but we're confident it will stick with you through numerous upgrade cycles.  Over the long haul, the $250 investment is well worth it in our opinion.  This is a high quality chassis worthy of any power user's consideration.  Due to its innovative features, good looks, and roomy interior, we're giving the Cooler Master COSMOS S an Editor's Choice award.  If I was buying a new enclosure for myself today, this would be it.

  • Great Internal Layout
  • Quiet Fans
  • Top Notch Cooling
  • Good Looks
  • No Reset Switch
  • 'Touchy' Power Button
  • LEDs died

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