Cooler Master COSMOS S Chassis

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COSMOS S: Exterior

The Cooler Master COSMOS S' exterior is similar to the original COSMOS in form, but the finish, inputs, and ventilation scheme are all somewhat different.


Like the original COSMOS, the new S variant has what appear to be bar-like handles along both sides of its top and bottom edges.  And its general shape is like the original COSMOS as well.  The COSMOS S, however, has a new titanium and glossy black finish that really stands out.  The side and top panels are easily removable, literally at the touch of a finger - press the latch release for either side and the panels pop right off.  And the top vents can be slid off to access the fans for cleaning, etc.


There are four USB ports, a microphone and headphone jack, a Firewire port, and an eSATA port on the top of the COSOS S' front bezel, that can be hidden away by a sliding door. Just below the port cluster is a touch sensitive power button that senses when a finger has touched it with no moving parts.  The switch and the ports are all lit from behind with an array of red LEDs, which makes them easy to spot, even in low light. 


The numerous drive bays on the front of the COSMOS S are also easily accessible thanks to an innovative locking mechanism.  There are hinged doors on either side of the case, that swing out of the way when released.  Then you can simply snap off the bay covers.  In total there are 10 drive bays on the COSMOS S, with the four lowest bays visible from the front reserved for hard drives and an intake fan.

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