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COSMOS S: Interior

The Cooler Master COSMOS S' interior also has a number of interesting features designed to ease the installation process, improve cooling performance, and reduce the case's acoustic profile.


The most notable internal feature is the COSMOS S' vast real estate.  This chassis can accommodate just about any graphics card / motherboard combination you can throw at it, with room to spare, eATX, ATX, CEB, whatever.  As you'll see a little later, we actually assembled an Intel Skulltrail rig in this case and the motherboard still has a few inches to spare between it and the drive bays.

The COSMOS S includes simple push button locking mechanisms for holding optical drives, or any other 5.25" device in place.  The PSU mounts at the bottom of the chassis, which can be a problem in some cases due to restricted air-flow and debris getting sucked into the PSU.  But with the COSMOS S, because the chassis is lifted off of the ground, and there is an adequate vent with a filter beneath the PSU mounting area, it works well and helps quiet down a system by putting the PSU fan as far away from the user as possible.


The case includes three 120mm internal case fans (front, rear, and top), but there are location for an additional three fans should you need to improve airflow within the system.  The side panel houses a massive 250mm intake fan that blows across the motherboard, and cools the entire system.  Also note the built-in liquid cooling accomodations on the rear, which consist of a pair of cut outs for tubing.

Another feature that also improves the COSMOS S' acoustic profile is its 4-in-3 hard drive mounting bracket.  The bracket takes up three of the external drive bays and an holds four hard drives - hence 4-in-3.  The cage is outfitted with rubber grommets that isolate the cage from the chassis to prevent unwanted hard drive vibrations.  We should also note that an intake fan blows air right across the hard drives, to keep them nice and cool.

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