Computex 2010 Wrap-up

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Gigabyte has a full line up of Intel and AMD based motherboards that make use of the latest technology, including USB 3.0. Their latest boards have a feature called On/Off Charge, which gives you the ability to charge any USB-based charging device, like the iPhone, even when your system is off. Watch the video as Colin takes us around the Gigabyte booth and explains the On/Off Charge feature in more detail. 

Gigabyte announced a couple of overclocking tools during Computex as well. HotKey OC is a utility that allows you to change settings in real time, as you run your benchmark. It comes in handy during long benchmarks like 3DMark Vantage, that stress the CPU's overclock differently from test to test.  In addition, they announced Cloud OC, an internet based overclocking utility. It gives you the ability to overclock your hardware through a web enabled device like a smartphone. We'll have to wait and see how useful this particular feature is though.

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