Computex 2010 Wrap-up


Every year, the largest computer exhibition in Asia is held in Taipei, Taiwan over the course of five days. Computex is huge, and spans several buildings throughout the city. Only CeBIT, held in Germany, can claim to attract more visitors and businesses to their event. But it makes sense that Computex has the pull that it does, since many companies have R&D and production fabs located in Taiwan. So naturally, the event draws thousands of IT analysts and tech journalists in order to report on the latest and greatest of the computer industry.

Taipei 101 - Computex Mecca

Although we previously covered several hot topics from Computex, there is still a lot to talk about. A few days ago, we showed you the first dual GPU Fermi videocard from Galaxy, revealed the latest PCI Express SSD from OCZ called the Revo Drive, and exposed you to the monstrous HD 5970 Eyefinity 12 from PowerColor. In addition, we gathered a ton of information on the latest tablet PCs being presented at the show, with a couple of hands-on videos thrown into the mix. Here's our final wrap up of the latest news to come out of Computex 2010. 

Computex 2010 - Taipei, Taiwan

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