Computex 2010 Wrap-up


Asus was very active at Computex this year. They launched an array of new products that will trickle out into the market this year and early next year. Easily the most intriguing was the Asus Eee Pad EP121. Check out following video as Jonney Shih talks about the Eee Pad EP121 during a press conference at Computex 2010. 

If it ever makes it to the market, the X58 Immensity will be an interesting product. But currently, its hard to gauge the demand for this type of motherboard. And the performance benefits of Lucid Hydra is still a question mark, until the company can get consistent driver updates to keep up with the rest of the industry. Until we see a shipping product, we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope Asus can pull this one off.

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