Computex 2007: Thermaltake, ABIT, Corsair, Sapphire

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At Corsair’s Computex suite, the company was displaying their line of flash memory drives, including their new survivor flash drive. The company was showing off their two shipping 620W and 520W power supplies and mentioned that they were going to be releasing an 800W unit into the market later this year. Corsair was showing off one of their first Tier 1 OEM design wins as well, with Corsair’s memory now available in Dell’s Dimension XPS line of gaming systems.

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But the big draw in Corsair’s suite was their DDR3 modules. The company was showing off a still in development 4GB (2x2GB) kit of DDR3 running at 1600MHz, at CAS 9 timings. 2GB DDR3 modules are still very rare at this point, and if these modules were to come out today, they would cost upwards of $1,000 at retail. However, Corsair plans to introduce them later this year when supply becomes more plentiful and therefore the memory will be more affordable to end users.

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And for all the overclockers out there, Corsair was the first company showing off DDR3 running at 2000MHz, with CAS 10 timings. We were able to sneak a run of SiSoft Sandra’s Memory Bandwidth Benchmark and obtained very impressive 8533MB/s RAM Bandwidth score.


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