Computex 2007: Thermaltake, ABIT, Corsair, Sapphire


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Coolermaster had a small presence at this year’s Computex but nevertheless showed off some very interesting new products. The first demo we saw was one that had a Coolermaster Real Power 1250W PSU power two Intel Core 2 Duo systems, each running two GeForce 8800GTX graphics cards in SLI. Coolermaster was also showing off their new line of Real Power units that feature the new 8 pin PCI Express power connector, the power connector that is used on the Radeon HD 2900 XT.

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Like Thermaltake, Coolermaster also had a high end enthusiast class case on display as well. The company was showing off the Cosmos case that was announced this past March at CEBIT. The Cosmos was designed from the ground up to maximize airflow while keeping noise very low and making your PC build very easy. 5.25” drives are secured with the press of a button, instead of the low quality plastic sliding mechanism we’ve grown accustomed to in many of the cases on the market today.

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The case features air ducts that run from the front panel, through the hard drive drawers, straight to the back panel, with a fan on the bottom panel to help increase air flow. The Cosmos’ side panel also features a foam padding to reduce noise and vibration from the case.

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Also on display at Coolermaster’s suite were two heatsinks that like the DuOrb from Thermaltake, that feature dual cooling fans. The first on display was the Coolermaster Gemini II, which as you can see, is probably one of the biggest heatsink / fan combos ever, featuring two 120mm exhaust fans and an all aluminum heatsink design. The Gemini II most likely will never hit the market simply because it would be very difficult to find a cases or motherboards that it would actually fit on. Next to the Gemini II is the Gemini II S, an 80mm version of the Gemini II that is significantly smaller and seems much more practical.

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Next to the Gemini II S was the Hyper 212, another heatsink fan with two 120mm fans, but one that uses them very differently. The Hyper 212 has both fans blowing in the same direction, one to blow cool air onto the heatsink and the other to expel the hot air from the heatsink. Because the Hyper 212 uses two huge, low-speed 120mm fans, it runs very quietly while cooling very well.

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Coolermaster also had a new heatsink fan for the growing HTPC crowd as well, named the Vortex 752. The Vortex 752 features a quiet 80mm fan and uses rubber screws to prevent excessive vibrations which lead to noise and decrease fan reliability.

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