Computex 2007 Preview: Shuttle, Gigabyte, X38 Motherboards

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DFI, XFX, ABIT, and ASUS Booth Previews

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We were able to briefly stop by and take a look at DFI’s X38 motherboard as well. As you can see, it looks to be in typical LanParty line fashion, but DFI told us that this board is just a reference design and that the board that we’ll see come to market will have a unique cooler design that will be very impressive.

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We were also able to take a look at ABIT’s X38 based board as well, named the IX38 QuadGT. The IX38 QuadGT on display also had no special cooling apparatus, but we’ll be sure to stop by ABIT’s booth when the show actually starts and see what they are planning to do with their X38 board.

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And we also briefly stopped by the ASUS booth, but as it was still under heavy construction, we weren’t able to see any X38 based boards on display. We’ll be sure to come back here as well.

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And here you can see that the AMD booth was under heavy construction as well. I tried to take a look at Intel’s booth today, but was actually escorted out by security, so coverage of Intel’s booth will have to wait until the show starts. And finally, I had to share a few pictures of XFX’s booth, and from the looks of things, they should have some impressive new product offerings in store for us at Computex.


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