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Intel's e21 Forum Keynote: C2E Mobile CPU, ASUS Eee PC, and Kingston

Intel Keynote:

We took a break from the show floor to go to a keynote speech that Intel’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Sales and Marketing Group, Sean Maloney, was giving at the e21Forum, a hardware developer forum for Taiwanese technology companies.

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Maloney’s keynote officially launched Intel’s Bearlake chipsets, which according to Maloney, are expected to be the fastest growing chipsets in Intel’s history, with over 100 motherboard designs planned. Many of those designs were on display directly below Maloney.


Maloney also announced a Core 2 Extreme processor for notebooks, that he said will be the fastest notebook processor on the market “by a wide margin”. Currently this new Core 2 Extreme processor will be used in two notebooks from ASUS and the “Dragon” notebook from HP. Pricing wasn’t revealed, but because of the chip’s “Extreme” branding, there will likely be a very high premium on these chips. Maloney also talked about Intel's upcoming 45nm processors, and in particular the new Silverthorne core, one that will likely be featured in upcoming UMPC's as it is an extremely low power part, likely around 1.5W.

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But probably most interesting was when Maloney invited Jonney Shih, Chairman and CEO of ASUS, to unveil the Eee PC, a new and surprisingly inexpensive laptop that is designed to spread the internet and computing to less affluent regions of the world. Shih announced that the Eee PC will have two models, one priced at $199 and the other at $299. Shih revealed some specifications of the Eee PC as well, noting that it had 512MB of memory, was running Linux, and that it was designed to be an easy way for the rest of the world to get connected to the internet.


And on a side note, the Eee PC looked good. When Shih announced the price, a collective gasp was heard among the audience, followed by sensational clapping as no one thought that the Eee PC could be so cheap. There was no mention of the processor or chipset used in the Eee PC, perhaps it may use a very low end version of the previously talked about Silverthorne core, all that we can say at the moment is that the model seen here is Intel based.

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Walking by Kingston’s booth, we immediately noticed one of the coolest items we've seen at the show thus far, a model of Taipei 101 built with Kingston’s HyperX memory modules!

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Next to the Taipei 101 display were Kingston’s new 1375MHz DDR3 HyperX and 800MHz Ultra Low Latency HyperX modules. The DDR3 modules are named the KHX11000D3LL/1G and have a latency of 7-7-7-20. The Ultra Low Latency 800MHz DDR2 memory has a latency of 3-3-3-10.

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Also on display was the value ram DDR3 variants, including a 1066MHz DDR3 notebook SODIMM, for use in select Santa Rosa notebooks.

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And Kingston was also showing off new, larger capacity versions of the popular DataTraveler Mini and Data Traveler Mini Fun flash memory drives they announced at CES earlier this year. Both are available with capacities up to a 4GB.


Stay tuned to HotHardware over the next few days for even more hot products direct from the Computex show floor... 


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