AVADirect Clevo P180HM Gaming Notebook Review

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Battery Life

Consider our battery life test a formality, and not much else. The last thing you should expect from an 18.4-inch laptop packing two GPUs, and quad-core CPU, two storage devices and gobs of RAM, is a long life battery. That said, we wanted to see what the P180HM could muster with a constant workload. Here are the results from our Battery Eater Pro tests.

Battery Life Test
Heavy and Light Workloads

The P180HM wore itself out after 68 minutes, which isn't very long for a notebook, but far from the worst we've ever seen. In fact, in falls in the middle of the pack compared to a mix of high end notebooks, and that's pretty good when you consider the artillery the P180HM brings to the battleground. It's also about 20 percent longer than the Clevo X8100 could muster that we reviewed last year.

We should also qualify these results. Batter Eater Pro feeds a constant workload. These results are about as bad as things are going to get if you plan on using the P180HM as a daily workhorse. Your actual battery life can end up being worse or a lot better, depending on how you use the system. With both GPUs firing on all cylinders in SLI, you're not likely to squeeze an hour or more before needing to tether the P180HM to a wall socket. But if all you're doing is surfing the Web and sending out emails, you can expect no less than an hour of run time and likely a lot longer.

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