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The ATI Rage Fury MAXX
ATI's New Twin Engine Hot Rod

Our Test System
To the MAXX

Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium3-500E overclocked to 600 and 750 MHz. (Provided By OutsideLoop Computers) Tyan Trinity 400 VIA Apollo Pro PC133 Motherboard, 128MB of EMS PC133 HSDRAM, WD 18G 7200RPM DMA66 Hard Drive, ATI Rage Fury MAXX , Kenwood 72X CDROM, Win98SE, DirectX7, ATI Release Driver


Quake 3 Arena Benchmarks 
The MAXX, shakin' and Quakin'


I don't think there is a review of a 3D Graphics Card on the net that doesn't include Quake 3 Arena benchmark scores.  Id should think about doing a benchmark suite for this game that fully supports the feature!

Let's see how the MAXX holds up under this type of hard core fun.

Things are a little bit off at the lower resolution but look at the curve here.  Or should I say lack thereof.  It is only at 1600X1200 that we see a major drop off in performance and the 32 bit color scores are darn close to the 16 bit. As a side note, we did notice a few flashing textures during the Q3 testing.  This is probably something that will be resolved with a driver release and was intermittent, only showing occasionally.

So, let's see what we will gain when we put a little more  horsepower behind the MAXX and crank our P3 up to 750MHz.

Hmm, stepping out here aren't we?  At 1600X1200 we hit the fill rate wall however.  The scores at the highest resolution are the same as on a 600MHz. processor.

So we decided to up the fill rate a touch and overclock the MAXX too!

This set up gives a GeForce SDR and DDR a run for its money at the higher resolutions.  I also think there is much room left for improvement with respect to ATI's OpenGL ICD.  Clearly the MAXX is being held back by the software drivers because the hardware has more than enough capability to compete with the fastest cards on the market today.  This is evident in the 3DMark and D3D scores.  Let's remember that these are first revision drivers and should be tuned over timed by the folks at ATI.  We hope they follow up in this regard.

It is time to tell it like it is and render our verdict.


Summing It Up

From the time we first open the box to the very last benchmark, the ATI Rage Fury MAXX impressed me as a solid performer with features that differentiate it from the competition.  The DVD playback on the MAXX has to be seen to be believed.  3D performance is in the running with today's top accelerators and 2D Desktop image quality is superb, rivaling our long time favorite, Matrox.  The retail price of the MAXX is said to be $299 with a $30 rebate.  This puts it in the pack with DDR based cards.   

Finally, there should definitely be significant performance enhancements in 3D mode with forthcoming driver release, so long as ATI can execute in this regard.  We so no reason why they shouldn't.  The MAXX is a solid foundation to build upon.  

We give the ATI Rage Fury MAXX a HotHardware Heat Meter rating of....




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