ATI Radeon X1800 XT CrossFire Evaluation

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CrossFire AA: Performance

We didn't perform a comprehensive test routine to assess the performance of all of ATI's CrossFire Super-AA modes, but we did run a couple of tests to get a general idea as to how the various modes perform. ATI claimed the new compositing engine on the X1800 XT Master Card offers higher-performance than the engine used on the X850 XT though, so we wanted to see this for ourselves.

CrossFire AA Performance: Half Life 2 & FarCry
Upping the Number of Samples



As you can see, ATI's claims of a faster compositing engine appear to be true. As expected, performance is much lower than standard AA when using CrossFire, because each card is rendering the same frame as opposed to alternating frames, but performance remained quite good in both games we tested. With either Half-Life 2 or FarCry running at 1280x1024 with all in-game graphical option set to their respective maximums, and with 16x anisotropic filtering enabled, the X1800 XT CrossFire system was able to maintain very playable framerates.

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