ATi Radeon 9000 and Radeon 9700 Preview

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The ATi Radeon 9000 and Radeon 9700 Preview
ATi 's Next Generation Products Unveiled

By, Jeff Bouton
July 18, 2002


OpenGL Testing with Jedi Knight II: Outcast
Awesome OpenGL Action!

Jedi Knight II: Outcast is rapidly becoming the new favorite OpenGL benchmark over the older Quake 3.  Let's see how the Radeon 9000 shapes up versus the other cards in our latest showdown.

When it comes to Jedi Knight II, the Radeon 9000 Pro maintained a solid lead over the MX440 and even the Ti4200 in all resolutions

Next up, Serious Sam: TSE

More OpenGL with Serious Sam:TSE
OpenGL Havoc!

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is another favorite around here for stressing a cards OpenGL prowess.

This time around, the 9000 Pro dominated the MX440, but the other two cards maintained the highest scores.

Now we'll load up the veteran Quake 3 for some standard benchmarking, then we'll fire up some FSAA and Anisotropic filtering and really make these cards work.

More OpenGL with Quake 3

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