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3DMark06 v1.0.2


Performance Comparisons with 3DMark06 v1.0.2

Futuremark recently launched a brand-new version of their popular benchmark, 3DMark06. The new version of the benchmark is updated in a number of ways, and now includes not only Shader Model 2.0 tests, but Shader Model 3.0 and HDR tests as well. Some of the assets from 3DMark05 have been re-used, but the scenes are now rendered with much more geometric detail and the shader complexity is vastly increased as well. Max shader length in 3DMark05 was 96 instructions, while 3DMark06 ups the number of instructions to 512. 3DMark06 also employs much more lighting, and there is extensive use of soft shadows. With 3DMark06, Futuremark has also updated how the final score is tabulated. In this latest version of the benchmark, SM 2.0 and HDR / SM3.0 tests are weighted and the CPU score is factored into the final tally as well.

The 3D performance tests from this point forward in this article are going to tell and interesting story. For one, we're going to see how the Radeon X1900 GPU performs when clocked much lower than the XTX or XT models. We're also going to get to see how the smaller, lower clocked frame buffer on the All-In-Wonder X1900 affects overall performance.

3DMark06 has the AIW Radeon X1900 performance at about the same level as a Radeon X1800 XT or 256MB GeForce 7800 GTX, but well behind the flagship X1900 cards. Slashing the frame buffer to 256MB and lowering the core and memory clock speeds to 500MHz/480MHz caused the AIW X1900 to fall behind an X1900 XT by about 1000 points here.

We saw a similar spread in 3DMark06's Shader Model 2.0 tests, with the new All-In-Wonder trailing all of the other cards by margins as small as 69 points, to as large as 754 points. The All-In-Wonder's scores in this particular tests seems to pay homage to that days of the Commodore 64.  Ahh...those were the days. :)

3DMark06's Shader Model 3.0 test shows the power of the X1900's 48 pixel shader processors. Here, the All-In-Wonder Radeon X1900 outpaces the X1800 XT and the GeForce 7800 GTX. Only the much higher clocked Radeon X1900 XTX and X1900 XT were about to beat the latest All-In-Wonder in this test.

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