ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X1900

Introduction, Specifications & Bundle

When ATI launched the Radeon X1900 last week, the company didn't simply unveil a single new high-end sku. Instead, they announced a total of four new X1900-based products; the high-end Radeon X1900 XTX, the slightly lower clocked Radeon X1900 XT, the X1900 CrossFire Edition, and the product we'll be evaluating here, the All-In-Wonder Radeon X1900.

As its name implies, the All-In-Wonder X1900 sports a Radeon X1900 GPU, but unlike the other products in ATI's current X1900 line-up, the AIW has a smaller 256MB frame buffer, and its core and on-board memory are clocked substantially lower.  There are some other major differences as well, like the single-slot cooler and of course the AIW's multimedia functionality, but strictly speaking in terms of features, the All-In-Wonder X1900 offers everything that the Radeon X1900 XTX does, and then some. Take a look.

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ATI All-In-Wonder X1900
The New Multimedia Flagship

Features - ATI Radeon X1900
. 380+ million transistors on 90nm fabrication process
. Ultra-threaded architecture with fast dynamic branching
. 48 pixel shader processors
. Eight vertex shader processors
. 256-bit 8-channel GDDR3/GDDR4 memory interface
. Native PCI Express x16 bus interface
. Dynamic Voltage Control

Ring Bus Memory Controller
. 512-bit internal ring bus for memory reads
. Programmable intelligent arbitration logic
. Fully associative texture, color, and Z/stencil cache designs
. Hierarchical Z-buffer with Early Z test
. Lossless Z Compression (up to 48:1)
. Fast Z-Buffer Clear
. Z/stencil cache optimized for real-time shadow rendering
. Optimized for performance at high display resolutions, including widescreen HDTV resolutions

Ultra-Threaded Shader Engine
. Support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 programmable vertex and pixel shaders in hardware
. Full speed 128-bit floating point processing for all shader operations
. Up to 512 simultaneous pixel threads
. Dedicated branch execution units for high performance dynamic branching and flow control
. Dedicated texture address units for improved efficiency
. 3Dc+ texture compression
_o High quality 4:1 compression for normal maps and two-channel data formats
_o High quality 2:1 compression for luminance maps and single-channel data formats
. Multiple Render Target (MRT) support
. Render to vertex buffer support
. Complete feature set also supported in OpenGL 2.0

Avivo Video and Display Engine
. High performance programmable video processor
_o Accelerated MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1, and H.264 decoding (including DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray playback), encoding & transcoding
_o DXVA support
_o De-blocking and noise reduction filtering
_o Motion compensation, IDCT, DCT and color space conversion
_o Vector adaptive per-pixel de-interlacing
_o 3:2 pulldown (frame rate conversion)
. Seamless integration of pixel shaders with video in real time
. HDR tone mapping acceleration
_o Maps any input format to 10 bit per channel output
. Flexible display support
_o Dual integrated dual-link DVI transmitters
_o DVI 1.0 / HDMI compliant and HDCP ready
_o Dual integrated 10 bit per channel 400 MHz DACs
_o 16 bit per channel floating point HDR and 10 bit per channel DVI output
_o Programmable piecewise linear gamma correction, color correction, and color space conversion (10 bits per color)
_o Complete, independent color controls and video overlays for each display
_o High quality pre- and post-scaling engines, with underscan support for all outputs
_o Content-adaptive de-flicker filtering for interlaced displays
_o XilleonTM TV encoder for high quality analog output
_o YPrPb component output for direct drive of HDTV displays
_o Spatial/temporal dithering enables 10-bit color quality on 8-bit and 6-bit displays
_o Fast, glitch-free mode switching
_o VGA mode support on all outputs
. Compatible with ATI TV/Video encoder products, including Theater 550

Advanced Image Quality Features
. 64-bit floating point HDR rendering supported throughout the pipeline
_o Includes support for blending and multi-sample anti-aliasing
. 32-bit integer HDR (10:10:10:2) format supported throughout the pipeline
_o Includes support for blending and multi-sample anti-aliasing
. 2x/4x/6x Anti-Aliasing modes
_o Multi-sample algorithm with gamma correction, programmable sparse sample patterns, and centroid sampling
_o New Adaptive Anti-Aliasing feature with Performance and Quality modes
_o Temporal Anti-Aliasing mode
_o Lossless Color Compression (up to 6:1) at all resolutions, including widescreen HDTV resolutions
. 2x/4x/8x/16x Anisotropic Filtering modes
_o Up to 128-tap texture filtering
_o Adaptive algorithm with Performance and Quality options
. High resolution texture support (up to 4k x 4k)

TV-Tuner Requirements
_TV signal from amplified antenna or cable. Versions available for:
_NTSC (North America, Japan and Latin America)
_Universal PAL/Secam/DVB-T (Europe and International PAL/Secam/DVB-T countries)
_MulTView requires additional supported ATI PCI TV Wonder card, compatible motherboard and soundcard

*Features vary from country to country and depending on the television standard. Note that Latin American countries using the PAL M and PAL N standards including Argentina and Brazil are supported by the NTSC version.

_DVI-I and VGA
_Stereo audio
_Composite video inputs
_Composite video outputs
_External stereo connections to sound card's line input and output
_YPrPb Output adapter (available in North America)

_Watch up to 125 channels on your computer
_Personal Video Recorder functionality allows users to record programs on your hard drive, pause live TV and resume broadcasts on your schedule
_Listen to Stereo FM on your PC
_Gemstar GUIDE Plus+ provides free interactive programming guides to select, schedule and record your favorite shows
_Control your computer from a distance using your Remote Wonder PLUS or MCE Remote Control** (optional)
_Easily capture and edit your home videos and burn to DVD's/Video CD
_Enjoy dual tuner capabilities such as Picture-in-Picture with ATI's MultiView *
_Theatre 200 video decoder powers your PC with high quality video
_Transfer high-definition component video output via a YPrPb adapter
_DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial)portable and mobile TV support in Europe
_Windows XP Media Center Edition compatible

Includes free software:
._Adobe Photoshop Elements 4
_Adobe Premiere Elements 2
_ATI Bonus DVD
_Gemstar GUIDE Plus+




The "domino" style, stackable input-output dongles that ATI recently introduced to the All-In-Wonder line of products make a return appearance with the AIW X1900, along with a another custom dongle that houses a standard analog-DB15 monitor connector and a couple of additional connectors for the "domino" blocks.  Also pictured above are an S-Video cable, a standard composite video cable, and a simple di-pole FM antenna. A couple of other items were included with our sample as well, like a Remote Wonder Plus, some software, and obviously the card itself, but we'll show you those items a little later on. The full list of items that will be bundled with the All-In-Wonder Radeon X1900 include:

1 x Composite video cable (Yellow RCA connectors)
1 x A/V out domino block labelled AV OUT on the black connector with S-Video and composite output
1 x A/V out domino block labelled AV OUT on the red connector for YPrPb output
1 x S-Video cable (Black)
1 x FM di-pole antenna (Translucent gold wiring)
1 x Black hub (VGA out, input for purple connector, output for black connector)
1 x A/V input domino block with S-video and composite input
1 x Remote Wonder Plus (with batteries)
1 x Install CD
2 x Adobe applications on CD (Photoshop Elements 4 & Premiere Elements 2)

1 x Users Manual
1 x Installation guide

If you're familiar with some of the other products in ATI's All-In-Wonder line-up, you may notice a big change with the All-In-Wonder X1900's software bundle. In lieu of Pinnacle Studio, which has been bundled with All-In-Wonder cards for the last couple of years, ATI is now including full versions of Adobe Premiere Elements 2 and Photoshop Elements 4. This is a big change, for the better in our opinion. Adobe's image and video editing products are among the best available for the PC.

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