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ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV
One Card, a multitude of technology

By Dave Altavilla

Please take a quick look at our test system specs, so you can draw conclusions with a full understanding of our methodology.


HotHardware's Test System
A mid range P4 system for the masses

Intel Pentium 4 1.7GHz. Processor

Abit TH7-RAID Pentium 4 Motherboard

256MB of Samsung PC800 RAMBUS DRDRAM

IBM DTLA307030 30Gig ATA100 7200 RPM Hard Drive

Windows XP Professional

Direct X 8.1

ATi Radeon 8500DV driver version AIW 8500_6_13_10_3286

nVidia Detonator 4 reference drivers version 21.85

Intel chipset drivers version 3.20


Benchmarks and Comparisons
Versus nVidia Titanium

First up, MadOnion's 3DMark 2001...

As you will note in this test, we have two scores for the AIW R8500DV, one at stock clock speed and another at an over-clock of 275MHz. Core and 460MHz DDR Memory clocks.  At stock speed, we see the AIW R8500DV fall in between a GF3 Ti200 and Ti500 card, in terms of raw scores.  Our over-clock test (with standard cooling and a closed case by the way) shows the card approaching near Ti500 level performance.  This is very impressive for a card that can do so much more than just 3D Rendering and Gaming.

Zetha's DroneZ Benchmark:

DroneZ has been often criticized as being written to take better advantage of nVidia hardware.  You would never know it to look at the scores above however.  The AIW R8500DV is neck and neck with the Ti500 here at high resolution 1024X768 testing.  Iit actually bests the Ti500 at 800X600.  Once again, you have to respect this kind of performance from a card that is also a "jack of many other trades".


Quake 3 Arena Timedemos and the rating



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