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ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV
One Card, a multitude of technology

By Dave Altavilla

Installation of the AIW R8500DV was fairly straight forward.  There are a several cable hook-ups, for the I/O Pod, Audio In and Out and the USB RF Remote Receiver but nothing the quick start pictorial didn't spell out very clearly, for the average end user with some level of hardware knowledge. 




Installation and Drivers
All that and a bag of chips

The are several drivers that the install CD will will automatically load into your system.  Remember, there are several levels of AV hardware, beyond just the graphics drivers, that need to be supported.  Here's a quick snapshot of all the hardware level drivers that are installed with the AIW R8500DV.  This was taken in the WinXP Control Panel.  The AIW R8500DV is like a system in itself.

What is not shown in this shot is the Fire-Wire port.  WinXP displays this as another system controller in its own sub-section.  We weren't able to test out the port and functionality of this feature unfortunately, since we haven't picked up a DV Camcorder as of yet.

With respect to the Radeon 8500DV drivers themselves, the card uses the standard ATi Radeon 8500 Graphics drivers, now with SmoothVision Anti-Ailiasing enabled (click here for screenshots of SmoothVision Drivers) as well as TruForm (TruForm examples here).


ATi's All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV - Remote Control Features:

Please click images below for full viewing.


Now, we get to the real beauty of the AIW R8500DV package, ATi's remote control.  Not only is this THE most functional remote control we have ever used with any PC TV Tuner solution but the little RF Remote Receiver (shown top right) actually works without the need for line of site point to point communication.  You can actually be in another room and have full control of desktop, TV and DVD functionality.  You can even browse the web with the mouse pointer buttons on the remote (top left). 

We were totally impressed with the remote control features of the AIW R8500DV.  Perhaps we are couch potatoes at heart but we are typically not this easily amused.  Amused would be an understatement here.  We were just plain "wowed". 


Now that we have things installed here, let's take a look at what the All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV can do on the Audio/Video side of things.



Software, A/V Performance & Features



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