ATI All-In-Wonder HD, A Legend Returns

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Performance Analysis and Conclusion

Performance Analysis:  Comparing the gaming performance of the All-In-Wonder HD to other graphics cards in its class, the All-In-Wonder HD fell within the scope of an entry level graphics card.  3DMark Vantage was not able to complete without adjusting the default test from "Performance" to "Entry" and all game tests did have their image quality set to medium in order to return useful results.  We were impressed with how well Half-Life 2 looked and performed, yet Crysis had to be scaled back quite a bit to be considered playable.

From a video quality standpoint, the All-In-Wonder HD returned solid scores with HQV testing while displaying excellent quality from analog through HD content.  We also found the power consumption added by the tuner increased nominally when cycling through the various signals.  The All-In-Wonder HD does an excellent job presenting digital video content in a quality manner without creating excessive power consumption in order to do so.

With DTV broadcasting becoming mandatory in the United States in February 2009, the time is perfect to start a marketing push for HDTV tuner cards that can take full advantage of the next defacto TV standard.  With its release of the All-In-Wonder HD, ATI/AMD is poised to bring a unique product to market that will be able to evolve with the new standard come next year.  Surely, those looking for a high-end gaming solution will not be satisfied with the power of the Radeon HD 3650 that sits at the heart of the All-In-Wonder HD, but for HTPC enthusiasts looking for a system that can deliver a quality HD experience with comprehensive, broad support for various display options, the All-In-Wonder HD does not disappoint.  Where the card lacks in gaming potential, it more than makes up for it in its video quality.  Additionally, those running multiple monitors could consider using the All-In-Wonder HD as a secondary solution, maintaining an additional, more potent graphics option for gaming. 

Is the All-In-Wonder HD a perfect fit for everyone?  Not by any means, but with the popularity of multiple graphics slots on today's motherboards, the All-In-Wonder HD could be a consideration for those who otherwise might not give it a second look.  And for the Home Theater PC crowd, this new Awiss Army Knife of a card from AMD, is a full featured product packed in a very efficient form factor.  The All-In-Wonder HD is planned to be marketed through VisionTek and Diamond Multimedia with an MSRP of $199 USD.  No pricing is available on the All-In-Wonder HD Accessory Kit at this time.

_Excellent Multimedia Features
_Great HDTV Performance
_ATI Catalyst Media Center
_Low Power Consumption
_Modest Gaming Potential
_Not CrossFire Capable
_Single TV Tuner


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