ATI All-In-Wonder HD, A Legend Returns

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Image Quality Examples

In our final leg of this article, we've compiled a collection of screenshots to help demonstrate the image quality exhibited by the All-In-Wonder HD when viewing both Analog and Digital content.  Keep in mind, these are merely an example and all have compression applied to conserve file size.  Nonetheless, the examples are still representative of the image quality we encountered during our testing.

Analog Cable

Digital Cable

Digital Cable HD

When it comes to subject matter and image quality, we found that food was excellent for comparison since there is a fair amount of texture involved.  Note the bowl of red liquid being whisked in the analog image group.  The liquid is not well defined and the image suffers from excessive motion blur.  When we graduate to the digital signal over cable, the image detail improves dramatically.  The detail of the crowd at the baseball game and the corn in the skillet are all much more vivid when compared to the analog signal.  The true delights were revealed when we started sampling the HD content.  This is where the All-In-Wonder HD showed what it is capable of, with exceptional detail in all areas while producing smooth playback at all times.  We should also note that we did sample the HD content with over-the-air signal and due to limited signal availability in our area, comparisons were not possible.  We did manage to land two channels in our scans, but the stream was choppy due to poor signal strength.

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