ATI All-In-Wonder 2006

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While it's not the longest card we've ever seen, it does have considerable length. With a core clock speed of 450MHz, the small cooler does a good job of keeping the card cool and staying quiet.  The card's 400MHz(800MHz DDR) memory doesn't get hot enough to warrant any sort of RAM heat-sinking. As a single slot cooler design however, all the hot air from the card will be expelled back into your case. If you are planning in putting this card into a small enclosure, make sure you have adequate ventilation. The ATI Theater 200 chip is located on the top left side of the PCB. Moving over to the front of the card, you'll notice the available inputs. The AIW 2006 is equipped with FM and TV Antenna connectors, 1 DVI Connection, 1 VGA Connection(requires output adapter), and 1 AV I/O Hub connector.

Inspecting The All-In-Wonder Radeon 2006 PCI-E
The answer to all your media dreams?




The card design is pretty basic in terms of AIW standards. The only problem we had, is the fact that we almost had to force it to fit in our test chassis. The TV Antenna and FM Radio connectors can give you a hard time, and while we were testing with a mid-tower ATX case, we're not sure how well it would fit into something smaller such as a HTPC case. Obviously, All-In-Wonder cards and a HTPC cases are a popular combination, so care should be taken to make sure there is proper clearance in your HTPC chassis of choice.

Package Contents
All the necessary connections and software


As you see here, consumers receive an input connection block(S-video, composite, and RCA stereo audio), Output connection block, Adobe Premier 2.0, and a CD Containing the necessary drivers and software(including ATI Multimedia Center 9.12, and Guide+) in the bundle. Also included is the Antenna/Cable for FM connector. It's basically the same All-In-Wonder package you'll get with the higher end models, with the exception of a remote control. The only main difference between this set, and say, the AIW X1900, is the GPU itself. Normally with video card packages, we like to see a game or two included, however with this being a lower-end card, we won't hold it against ATI for not including one.

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