Asus Zenbook UX305 Ultrabook Review: Core M Powered

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As we noted early on in this article, we didn’t expect the Asus Zenbook UX305 to be a benchmark-burning powerhouse of a system. It has moderate, but still very respectable specifications. Because it’s not a powerhouse system, it also has a relatively affordable price tag of $700, given its sleek form factor and strong battery life. For about $300 more, Asus will also offer this system with a higher resolution QHD+ touchscreen display.

UX305 2

Because we weren’t expecting the UX305 to be a class-leading performer, we weren’t the least bit surprised that this ultrabook rarely topped the charts in our benchmark tests. Still, it posted very respectable scores.

Battery life on the UX305 is phenomenal, and this is something we think users will really appreciate about this system. The overall styling of the UX305 is also very attractive and feels very solid. Because the UX305 take’s advantage of the Core M’s fanless capabilities, this ultrabook is also completely silent. 

asus side by side
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If you’re looking for an ultrabook that’s very capable of performing everyday tasks such as browsing the web, editing documents, and listening to music, this system is worth considering. It’s capable of much more than some of these general computing tasks as well, but the Core M isn't quite as powerful as the Core i family. Even still, the balance of performance, form factor and battery life is about as close to the sweet spot as you can get, currently. 

  • Excellent battery life
  • Thin, well-built chassis
  • Completely quiet—there’s no fan or spinning HD
  • Keyboard is not backlit
  • Trackpad can be glitchy

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