Asus V9280S not your average Ti4200

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Asus V9280S Geforce 4 Ti4200
A Ti4200, or something more?

By - Robert Maloney
January 22, 2003

It's hard not to like the Asus V9280S, especially since it has so much going for it. The package we received for review met or exceeded our expectations for the big three: value, performance, and innovation.


With a price point currently at $221 on, it's a pretty good deal. First, you would get what would probably be considered the fastest GeForce4 Ti4200 card around. The bundle alone, with three full games in it, would run over $100 if purchased individually. There's enough in there for new gamers and budding movie directors. The breakout box was also a nice touch, as it allows for better placement of cables to and from the system, at no extra cost.


Asus' claims that the card is faster than generic Ti4200 are, for the most part, correct, although this has more to do with the higher clock speeds than the AGP8x technology. Still, no fault can be found in taking an existing product and trying to improve it by whatever means possible. The performance is not too far off of the Ti4600, and with a few tweaks can equal or better it. It's no surprise that with the relative comparability between the Ti models, that fewer Ti4600 cards are being produced while Ti4200 cards are still in vogue.


Rather than just releasing another Ti4200 card into the mix with higher clock speeds, Asus did the right thing by providing the step up to AGP8x, and its increased bandwidth. Whether or not AGP8x is truly ready for the consumer is another question. By combining raw power with bandwidth, Asus has provided a card that should suit any builders least for the foreseeable future.

So, in conclusion, Asus has taken a card, and marketed in just right. It has a little bit of everything that one looks for when buying a new video card. There's even room to grow on, with AGP8x a technology that will surely be refined. We give the Asus V9280S a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a


  • Black PCB with golden heatsinks
  • Ti4200 name - Ti4400 power
  • Three full games in the bundle


  • Jury still out on AGP8x
  • Heatplate wasn't touching RAM




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