ASUS TS mini Home Server Review

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The TS mini targets home users who are looking for a simple and easy way to share files between household computers, back up PCs, and access content remotely. Given that this box is designed to be used by people who may or may not have experience managing a network and/or a server, we expect the TS mini to be simple to set up, manage, and use on a daily basis.

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In our tests, we were impressed with the ease of set up, use, and management of the TS mini. The online storage feature is a nice bonus, giving you peace of mind that your most important files are also backed up offsite. Even though the TS mini only has two hard drive bays, the server offers a variety of expansion options via the eSATA and USB ports.  Aesthetically speaking, the TS mini is a basic home server with a small footprint that can be hidden away easily. Since it runs very quietly, you'll hardly notice it sitting on the corner of your desk. Finally, although the TS mini's piano black finish looks great, it tends to attract fingerprints and dust build-up shows itself rather quickly.

Windows Home Server is powerful by itself, but ASUS made it even better by including three useful add-ins with the TS mini. These add-ins offer additional functionality and provide access to ASUS WebStorage. Overall, the TS mini is a great little home server that will provide easy back up and file sharing capabilities for the average mainstream user.

  • Lots of external expansion options
  • Small footprint
  • Quiet operation
  • 500GB of ASUS WebStorage included for 1yr
  • Piano black finish attracts dust and fingerprints
  • Installing additional hard drive requires tools

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