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The standard Windows Home Server Console lets you schedule backups, create and manage User Accounts, manage Shared Folders, and more. You'll notice the following Shared Folders are created automatically: Music, MySyncFolder, Photos, Public, Recorded TV, Software, and Videos. You can create your own Shared Folders as well.

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In addition to the standard features available from within the Windows Home Server Console, ASUS has added three special features: the ASWM (ASUS System Web-based Management software), ASUS Xtor Manager, and ASUS WebStorage. The ASWM (ASUS System Web-based Management software) lets you manage your home server status using the Windows Home Server Console. The ASWM provides information about the motherboard fans and temperatures, disks, drives, network utilization, memory utilization, and CPU utilization.

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The ASUS Xtor Manager is an add-in that lets you copy files between the server and external storage devices. The interface is very easy to use since it lets you drag and drop files and folders between the two storage areas. You can also use the Xtor Manager to backup the contents of an external drive to the server or to sync files between an external drive and the server.

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Finally, the ASUS WebStorage feature gives you one-year of free online space (500GB) to back up and access your files remotely. After the first year, you can continue the subscription for a fee. Using the console, you can select specific folders that you want to back up to the cloud. On the ASUS WebStorage settings page, you can configure a low speed upload mode to ensure your internet connection isn't overwhelmed by file uploads. You can also delete all files and folders backed up online and view the amount of storage used/remaining.

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