ASUS TS mini Home Server Review

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To test the performance of the ASUS TS mini, we used a combination of synthetic benchmark testing and real-world file copy tests. During all of the tests, the TS mini was configured with a single 500GB, 7,200rpm hard drive.

During testing, the TS mini was connected directly to a Lenovo T400s laptop via 1Gb Ethernet. Our file transfer tests were conducted on an Intel P9600 powered T400s with 2GB of RAM, an Intel 82567LM Gigabit Ethernet controller, and Windows Vista Business.

For our first test, we used the ATTO Disk Benchmark and mapped drive letter Z: to the test machine. We ran the default ATTO test and achieved the following results:

As the results show, the TS mini achieves its best read speeds with block sizes of 8K or greater. Write performance was best with 32K and larger blocks. The TS mini achieved its best write speed with a block size of 64K and its best read speed with 512K blocks.

To create a more real-world test scenario, we copied a 3.8GB ISO to and from the TS mini in the large file transfer test. For the small file transfer test, we copied a directory filled with hundreds of audio files. We ran both tests multiple times and averaged the results. The results were on par with what we would expect for this type of system.

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