ASUS Transformer Pad 300 Review

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ASUS didn’t load up our tablet with GPU-hungry game demos, but we did grab a few titles optimized for the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip just to see what it could do. As you can see from the screenshots, some of the game graphics are nice, but others are gorgeous--and that’s without talking about performance.

Tegra 2 Optimized: Glowball

Soulcraft THD

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD

Despite how overused the term is, we have to say it: this tablet offers an immersive gaming experience. There’s no identifiable lag in control response and no hiccups in the action, even when the fur is flying. The GPU’s performance, coupled with the tablet’s excellent sound quality, makes for a distraction-free gaming experience that’s a sight to behold and fun to play. (Having the big 10.1-inch screen doesn’t hurt, either.)

Gaming on a tablet--or for that matter, a phone--can already offer a good experience, but NVIDIA isn’t kidding when it claims that Tegra 3 can give consoles a run for their money.

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