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ASUS SK8V K8T800 Motherboard Review
Socket 940 Platform Featuring VIA's K8T800 Chipset

By: Chris Angelini
January 4, 2004

X2 - The Threat Rolling Demo
DirectX 8 space simulator

X2 - The Threat is a space simulator published by Enlight Software.  The game first materialized in the form of a demo that played several scenes from the game, which, at the time was still upcoming.  It has since gone gold, making it a viable piece of software for anyone looking to explore the space simulator genre.

Perhaps the fact that we enabled all of the game's graphical options influenced the demo's result.  However, there isn't much difference between the three tested platforms, though ASUS' SK8N actually takes a first place finish here. 

Quake III: Arena
Classic OpenGL

Wrapping things up, the classic Quake III benchmark demo 'four' shows the SK8V claiming another victory, if only by a hair, over the SK8N. 


If the K8T800 chipset didn't show any performance advantage over NVIDIA's nForce3, we'd certainly question ASUS' decision to manufacture a second Socket 940 motherboard, especially in light of the interface's waning life span.  Given a combination of higher performance and an attractive feature set, though, the SK8V is simply a better gaming platform than the SK8N, and as such, compete much more readily with boards from MSI and Gigabyte. 

These benefits aren't free, of course, as the ASUS SK8V is available online for roughly $10 more than the SK8N.  Then again, when you're talking about a $200 motherboard coupled with a $700 processor and $200 worth of memory, $10 is a negligible sum.  The name of the game when it comes to ultra high-end is performance, after all. 

Compared to its competition today, the SK8V is, without question, the Socket 940 motherboard to own.  And while AMD has notoriety for missing projected launches, we can't help but to look into the future and see an impending transition to a Socket 939 interface.  In the past, AMD has claimed that it will continue supporting the existing Socket 940 infrastructure.  However, it has also said that at any given time, there will only be one speed grade of Athlon 64 FX processor on the market, indicating that once the first Socket 939 Athlon 64 FX hits store shelves, we won't be seeing any new Socket 940 flagships.

Because it's impossible to tell for sure when that move will happen, ASUS' SK8V reigns as the most impressive Socket 940 board we've seen.  Despite our qualms with ASUS' implementation of quality onboard audio, we couldn't ask for much more than what the SK8V delivers.  The board is well deserving of our Editor's Choice recognition.



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