ASUS ROG G752VT Gaming Laptop Review: G-Sync And Skylake United

Included Software & G-Sync

All G752 Series laptops ship standard with Windows 10 64-bit. This will save you the hassle of upgrading, which you'd need to do if picking up a G751JY laptop (our review unit from the September review shipped with Windows 8.1 64-bit).

ASUS G752VT Desktop

In the old days, OEMs would bundle as much junk as they could with new systems, presumably because it was lucrative for them to do so. These days desktops arrive much cleaner, though not always squeaky clean.

The G752VT we received came with an assortment of ASUS brand utilities and services, plus a few third-party programs like Dropbox and an Office trial. If you don't plan to use ASUS' WebStorage or Microsoft Office, we advise uninstalling both to ensure pop-up reminders don't interrupt what you're doing (like benchmarking...grrr).

ASUS G752VT Sonic Studio II

One utility that ASUS bundles is called Sonic Studio II. This lets you tweak the audio experience through EQ controls and various adjustments like Bass Boost, Reverb, Smart EQ, and Voice Clarity. You can also adjust settings for recording and enhance the sound quality of streaming sessions through the Casting Enhancer tool.

Audio on the G752VT is decent, though not spectacular. There's enough volume to fill a small room, but not to host a raucous party. That said, audio is noticeably improved when leaving the Sonic Studio II feature enabled.

ASUS G752VT Gaming Center

The Gaming Center is a dashboard for your hardware and system vitals. It lets you know things like the CPU and GPU frequencies, how much RAM is being used, and temps. The utility also allows you to configure up to five profiles with different visual quality settings and provides shortcuts to other bundled utilities, like ROG MacroKey and ROG GameFirst III, a network and Internet bandwidth optimization suite.

NVIDIA G-Sync Technology

The G752VT sports a G-Sync panel. By default, G-Sync is enabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel for full screen mode. You can also configure G-Sync to work in windowed mode, or disable it for maximum frame rates.

We already covered the benefits of enabling G-Sync in our G751JY review (see here for a refresher), but to quickly recap, G-Sync gives you a smoother gaming experience by synchronizing the display's refresh rate (75Hz in this case) to the GPU's render rate. This allows scenes to appear instantly without an adverse effects and virtually eliminates distractions like screen tearing and frame stutter, both of which are byproducts of GPUs rendering scenes at variable rates.

In monitors, this is a hardware solution that involves replacing the display's scaler board -- a chip inside the monitor that allows for connections via HDMI, DisplayPort, etc., with a G-Sync module so that the monitor and GPU can communicate directly. But in laptops like the G752VT, G-Sync is integrated into the GPU, which connects directly to the display.

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