Asus ROG G752 Review: A Pascal Packing Mobile Powerhouse

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Asus ROG G752 PCMark 8 And 3DMark Performance

Our benchmarks here include Futuremark’s PCMark and 3DMark. PCMark 8 v2 is a cross-platform suite that gauges a system’s capabilities in several usage categories. The venerable 3DMark also has a suite of cross-platform tests, but these are tailored to measuring a system’s graphics chops.

PCMark 8 Benchmarks
Productivity And System-Level Benchmarking

We selected three tests from the PCMark 8 benchmark suite: Home, Storage and Work. Futuremark recently improved all three tests with PCMark 8 version 2. We selected the Open CL "Accelerated" options for both Home and Work.

asus rog g752 PCM8

The ROG G752 is built for gaming, but in many cases, it will see plenty of Web browsing, video chatting, and even the occasional spreadsheet. We looked at the laptop’s performance in PCMark 8 with typical home use and college situations in mind and remained impressed: It took the top scores in both the Home- and Work Accelerated tests.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme
Synthetic DirectX Gaming And Graphics Testing

Futuremark designed 3DMark Fire Strike for desktop PCs, but today’s heavy-duty gaming laptops have the chops to take on the high-resolution texture, tessellation and other components of the test. We put the ROG G752 up against a range of serious gaming laptops.

asus rog g752 firestrike

The GeForce GTX 1070 is the real deal. Prior to the GTX 1070, the CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14 held our top mobile spot with a score of 3772. MSI’s GE62 Apache Pro and its GTX 1060 strolled past that mark, and the ROG G752 blew past both systems.

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