ASUS Padfone X Mini Hybrid Smartphone / Tablet Review

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Performance: GPU

To get a feel for how graphics performance on the Padfone X Mini compares to other devices, we used GFXBench, which has been one of our standard graphics performance benchmarks for a while. In order to ensure Vsynch and resolution isn’t a limiting factor, we will compare offscreen test results.

GFXBench and 3DMark Ice Storm
Gaming and Graphics Benchmarks


As far as graphics performance goes, the Padfone X Mini lags way behind even the Galaxy S4 in the GFXBench test. This isn't the kind of phone you'll want to play complex games on, though it's perfectly acceptable for casual games like Candy Crush and Words With Friends and the like.


The Padfone's overall 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited score was just 2,965, confirming that this isn't the phone for heavy gaming. During testing, we noted that even some relatively simple games like One More Line stuttered a bit on occasion, especially with something going on in the background.

During testing we also noted that, when taxed, the smartphone component gets noticeably warm. This happened when playing videos for a long time as well as when playing games. During basic usage this wasn't a problem though.

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