Asus P5Q Deluxe - P45 Chipset with DDR2

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PCMark Vantage

We ran the Asus P5Q Deluxe, as well as a trio of competing platforms, through Futuremark’s latest system performance metric built especially for Windows Vista, PCMark Vantage. PCMark Vantage runs through a host of different usage scenarios to simulate different types of workloads, including High Definition TV and movie playback and manipulation, gaming, image editing and manipulation, music compression, communications, and productivity.  Most of the tests are multi-threaded as well, so the tests can exploit the additional resources offered by a quad-core CPU.

Futuremark PCMark Vantage
Simulated Application Performance

PCMark Vantage seems to contradict the SiSoft SANDRA results.  Here, the P45-based Asus P5Q Deluxe is marginally faster than the X48, regardless of whether or not DDR2 or DDR3 memory was used.  In the PCMark and Communication test suites in particular, the P5Q Deluxe finished a few percentage points ahead of the X48. although it did trail the DDR3 equipped board by a but in the productivity and music tests.

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